What is Business Web Hosting and How is it Different From Personal Website Hosting?

These days, both individuals and businesses have a need to make their presence felt on the Internet. This is the reason why web hosting companies have mushroomed – they fill the need for people to have their own little place on the Web.

What Web Hosting is all About

So what exactly is web hosting? Basically, this is a type of hosting service which will allow an individual, business or any other type of organization to establish their own website that can be accessed online. Without a web host, the pages that you will create will not be accessed by online users once they type in your website’s URL or address on the browser that they are using.

Typically, a hosting service is a subscription that you will pay on a monthly or yearly basis. The type of hosting package that you will get should depend on the costs, your bandwidth requirement and exactly what the website will be used for. To give you an idea, here are features of a hosting package that you would need to compare:
– GBs of space
– GBs of transfer
– Domain hosting
– Number of e-mail accounts
– Set-up, technical support & money-back guarantee
– Other features that your website will require

Business Web Hosting versus Personal Web Hosting

Now that you already have an idea about what web hosting is all about, let us make a comparison between business hosting and personal hosting.

1. Business Web Hosting
When looking for business hosting services, you would naturally consider the costs involved. But more than that, you should take into account the features that you will have from the business hosting package that you will get. This also includes dedicated servers.

Go online and check out the reviews of the top small business website hosting companies and dedicated server hosts. Through them, you can make a comparison of the different business website hosting features including whether the control panel is user-friendly or not, the speed and capacity of their servers, the quality of their back-up process and many other factors which will affect the quality of small business website hosting that you will get.

2. Personal Web Hosting
As compared to business website hosting services, sites which are used for personal purposes are typically categorized as being cheap. This is not to say, however, that the website hosting services that you will get would be inferior when it comes to the features included.

You can either opt for one of the free personal hosting services that you can find online. The problem is that these do not usually have the quality of support that you need, so it is better to shell out a few dollars for something with all the features that your blog or personal website would require.

Generally, business hosting is more feature-packed and a bit pricier than personal web hosting packages. But if you do have a website which will be used to promote the products or services that you are offering, then you definitely should go for business website hosting. Otherwise, if your purpose for having a website is to create a personal blog or simply have your own little space on the web, then a cheaper personal web hosting package will be more suitable for you.

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