Small Business Web Hosting: What Is Shared Hosting?

Shared web hosting is the best option for small businesses with average traffic. There are many companies offering this service along with various options such as unlimited email accounts, unlimited bandwidth, and free domain hosting. This type of hosting plan is suitable for websites or blogs that don’t require much space and bandwidth. With this service, you share server space with other websites.

Many companies are looking for small business web hosting at affordable rates. Shared hosting is a reliable solution that will save you time and money. It is cheap and offers lots of features such as Ruby on Rails, MySQL, PHP and others. You can create websites, blogs, forums, and chat rooms on a single account. It is the most popular and least expensive of all paid hosting plans.

With shared hosting, all websites share a common pool of server resources. The main advantage of this plan is the shared cost. You can pay as little as five dollars per month for sharing a server with hundreds of other clients of your hosting company. The cost of a shared hosting plan depends on the number of websites being hosted on a server. Because of its low cost, this service is recommended for all those who either have small companies or run non-profit organizations.

It is important to make the difference between shared web hosting and virtual hosting. Shared hosting consists hundreds and even thousands of sites intermingled on one server device. Virtual hosting entails of less than one dozen websites residing on an individual server. One of the biggest advantages of shared web hosting is that users aren’t responsible for server maintenance, security updates and other aspects of the service. The website content is manually uploaded to a web server through File Transfer Protocol (FTP).

The standard range of services provided by web hosts varies. Most plans feature domain registration and parking services, cgi-bin directories, control panel, automatic data backups, web design, and programming services. Web hosts usually offer substantially more disk space and email accounts than most people or businesses need.

With shared hosting, you don’t need to have a technical staff to run your website. Your web host takes care of every aspect of your hosting plan. Most companies offer managed server maintenance at no additional cost. All plans come with an easy-to-use graphical user interface known as a Control Panel. This interface allows you to add content to your website, manage your email accounts, and install widgets and plugins with ease.

Many companies offer small business web hosting [] at an affordable price. With proper research, you can easily find discount web hosting [] plans that suit all of your business needs. Choosing the right hosting plan will have a direct impact on the performance of your website.

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