Guide to the Best Computer Security Solutions

Computer security threats can be from viruses or other harmful software like malware, spy-ware and root kits. To stay safe in a world full of hackers and malicious software, all that is needed is a computer security solution that will give total protection from viruses and worms. Reviewed in this article are the best security solutions from the best anti-virus software, registry cleaners to the best firewalls.

The best firewalls

A firewall gives a computer user, protection against hackers. Hackers may attack a person’s computer and infringe on one’s private information. Without a trusted firewall,a computer is left open to the world of illegal coders whose main goal is to infiltrate computer systems of unsuspecting computer users. The best firewall available in the market is Zone Alarm Firewall. Zone Alarm Pro Firewall 2010 offers protection against intrusions by hackers. With zone alarm, online privacy is guaranteed. Zone alarm firewall also has anti-virus and anti-spy ware tools. There is also a free version of this firewall. The advantage of zone alarm is that it is easy to use. Other highly rated firewall programs include Prisma firewall and Eset smart security firewall. These applications offer reliable computer security for both home PCs and office PCs.

The best anti-virus software

The main protection offered by any anti-virus application is protection against viruses, worms, ad-ware, spy-ware and malware. An anti-virus usually scans the whole system checking for any intrusive software and subsequently notifying the user. The strength of an anti-virus lies in its updates. Because viruses are invented daily, anti-virus software should be updated regularly either automatically or manually. The top ranking anti-virus applications are Bit Defender, Kaspersky, Webroot and Norton anti-virus. These programs are easy to use and install and also have free versions.

Superb Registry cleaners

Registry cleaning is a contemporary development in the PC world. It is always assumed that inefficiencies of a computer, such as slow speed and constant freezing are caused by viruses or malicious software. However, problems with a computer registry may cause the computer to be inefficient. A computer registry is spoiled by leftover files and links of removed programs. It is also spoiled by some add ons and plug gins. Registry cleaners repair the registry by fragmenting it and removing from it unnecessary files and links. “CC cleaner” and “Easy cleaner” are some of the best registry cleaners available. The free version of CC cleaner usually cleans the registry thoroughly,returning it to top form.

The world of contemporary computer security solutions contains many PC security products than those listed above. There are anti-malwares, anti-spy wares, and root kits removal among other products. These programs when combined with other solutions offer ultimate security to a computer.

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