Choosing an Excellent Web Hosting Company Cheap

This is actually easier done than said. No I didn’t get that reversed. The truth of the matter is web hosting is almost a commodity item. There are so many web hosts around, I’d even go to the level of calling most of them cheap knockoff products of each other!

What it really comes down to is not choosing a web host run by your local 15 year old teenager. Don’t believe it’s possible for a kid to run a web host? It’s all too easy to do. Not that there is anything wrong with such entrepreneurial spirit, but the statistics show a web host created by a youngster isn’t going to last too long. There’s only so much a youngster with school, friends, games, and the requirement of sleep, can do for you when you strike a problem uploading your files at 11PM. Hence it’s best to avoid those more exotic hosts.

Interestingly, it can be quite difficult to tell a one-man web host versus a web host run by a professional team. One way to tell is to look for weird “design” flaws on there web page. What’s a design flaw? Well you might notice a graphic is off by half a centimeter, that makes the web page look weird. No professional web hosting company would settle for this. But for your time pressed, Xbox playing youngster, there are more important things to do than dealing with petty design errors – such as playing games.

One way of picking a safe web host that should see you through years of enjoyable website making or photo album building, is to simply use a web hosting review web site. These websites, sadly, are also a dime a dozen. 99% of them work off a commission basis. They’ll just refer you to the web hosts that pay them the most money for referring you over. So that’s problem number two. However there are some little community run gems that give solid reviews of web hosting companies and list the best web hosts up high, because they are the best web hosts.

Picking a web host shouldn’t just be about price. Often it comes down to all out value. Sure Web Host A might cost $2 more per month versus Web Host B, but if you get so-and-so in extra useful features, it could very well be worth it, and often is.

Faced with so many complex decisions, practically requiring the skills of a risk analysis expert, how can anyone pick a decent web host? It’s easy. Find a good hosting review site that’s not biased. How do you find an unbiased hosting review site? Not so easy. But here is a great one I’ve used myself for finding a good web host. It’s served me well over the years with its updated information and it should help you too.

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