8 Tip For Safe And Secure Shopping When You Buy Apparels Online

Before you click on the ‘Purchase‘ button on a great online deal, make sure the product is genuine, because it turns out that fakes and replica products of reputed brands are flourishing in India’s booming online apparels retail market places.

When it comes to online shopping, legitimacy is the prime factor for anyone who is buying for the first time or multiple especially when you buy apparels and other tangible items.

Before you take out your Visa/master from your wallet and click “Buy”, there are several safeguards you should take – even if you’re an experienced online shopper.

Why we need to beware of fake online stores

If you are determined to buy online from an international website, take a few minutes to assess the validity of the site. First, check for adequate contact details, including a phone number and email address under the same domain as the website address. A red flag should immediately be raised when you can’t find a phone number (and if it’s present but contains a dubious country code, call it and see what happens). Physical address details must be available, too.

If in the contact section of any website, you do not find proper address and phone number, don’t buy from there.

Avoid Shopping from Marketplaces when you plan to buy apparels

While the business of online shopping sites mushrooming in India so rapidly and so are the complaints about fake or duplicate products being sold on these market places.

When we talk about apparels shopping in India, almost 67% products are returned by buyers, sold on these market places. These market places allow anyone to sell whatever they have without the control of quality check. The worst scenario is when your place any order on these market places, the items are dispatched directly from sellers without any quality check.

There are famous market places like crafstvilla, mirraw, zipker, indiarush are struggling with extremely high return rate.

The review websites are flooded up with complaint and bad reviews about these market places.

These sites, give a chance to multiple sellers to sell the same product on the same platform, can attract cunning sellers who cheat consumers to earn quick money by displaying the branded item picture but dispatching a totally different product or look alike products.

That big discount on such websites might soon come with a frustration.

People love discounts. The word “Sale” is used to convert physiologically the minds of buyers when MRP has been tampered to set high and then slashed the buying price low.

When you see “40% discount”, “70% discount”, the probability of getting fake items are stronger. So don’t greed for big discounts.

You should shop intelligently and not fall prey to attractive discounts and offers. Remember, there are deals, good deals, great deals and amazing deals. And then there are too-good-to-be-true deals. It is the last one that one needs to be careful about as chances of it being a bogus are high. For example an original image of saree worth Rs 6000, can be used to sell a fake/replica saree for mere Rs 800 or even less or a branded wedding lehenga worth Rs 25,000 can be bought only Rs 2000 (off course counterfeit one).

One of our regular customer from Trinidad and Tobago, Usha placed an order with mirraw.com as she found the prices very cheap. Her experience turned out to be the worst shopping experience. Later when she came back to us, we advised her that she could have been googled and search for mirraw reviews before trying them.

You should also check on quora what people are saying about them. Then the most important question is why such sites still exists?? The answers is simple they take advantage of person’s greed. (Sale, Discount, Offer)

The story is same for other market places. They have tons of bad reviews on the internet still they are able to trap customers by heavy discount offers and deals.

So Customer reviews are a great tool to check the authenticity of the website.

According to Managing Director of an online research agency

“I have been observing the pattern of issues of buyers they are facing in recent years. Just 3-4 years back customers had their trust on the websites and they were confident that they will get the same thing what is shown or displayed on the website. But these days, customers are so frightened that they ask for original photo (other than modeled) of the product.

Make sure someone is there behind your ass to help you.

Most of these newly mushroomed market places don’t have any direct contact number where you can speak to someone and discuss about your purchase or post purchase concerns. Always try to speak to someone who can understand your concerns and always able to help you.

When you speak to someone before your purchase you get a satisfaction that you are on safe and genuine hands.

We are into business for the last 10 years and our customers love to talk to us. We provide one to one customer service either for pre sales or post sales. This is the reason we have almost 0% return rate.

“Customers call us and discuss their requirements with me before they make a purchase. This give them confidence and reduces any chances for confusion or discrepancy in order, says Natasha, Head Customer Care.

8 Important Tips to remember before making a purchase

If you see a great deal online, it can be tempting to grab it right away – but first, protect your wallet by knowing how to spot some major warning signs.

1. Don’t fall into trap of too-big discounts.

Always remember quality products are never on big discounts.

2. Avoid buying from marketplaces specially clothing

The reason why market places are not a good idea for shopping, they are neither manufacturer, nor retailer or whole seller not even have seen products that are being supplied to customers by sellers. They are just a commission agent who earns from seller when they sell something on their plate form. They don’t bother for quality of items sold by different sellers. They don’t listen you if something goes wrong. They offer you attractive and lucrative deals to trap you.

3. If the site hasn’t been around for very long

Then check its back ground like reviews

If a site is new born there are chances that it is not legitimate. Genuine and good companies are into business for decades and you can trust them.

4. If you can’t pay with a credit or debit card.

You should be alert when there no option to pay with credit or debit cards. Paying with credit cards is the safest way to pay as it gives you protection against any mishaps.

5. Never pay to any person’s account unless it is trustworthy.

Many sellers are cheating by selling through Facebook WhatsApp. They ask you to pay via wire transfer or directly in any person’s bank account. Please beware of such sellers.

6. If there is shady contact information

If the contact email given is a yahoo,gmail email address, or if there’s simply a form to fill out on the page instead of an address or phone number, watch out. If you don’t find any proper contact address and phone number, never come on this website again.

7. If there is unclear refund policy

Trusted companies always provide the proper information in case you need to return your purchase or you are not happy with your order. So always look for refund policy.

8. Poor reviews

As you know that no company can have 100% positive reviews but if majority of reviews are negative then you must run away from that website. Of course, more bad reviews from other users are one of the biggest signs that a website is fraudulent. Type the website name and “reviews” into Google and see if there are any complaints about the site.

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