7 Tips For Computer Security and Virus Protection

Computer security is a vital issue for anyone who surfs the net on his or her PC. Any computer that is connected to the Internet is exposed to thousands of malicious, viruses, spyware, hackers, and other nasty Malware that can ruin a system, cost lots of money for repairs and lose important data, files and folders.

Here are some hands-on steps that you can take to protect your computer, data and private information from the hackers, Malware, viruses, spyware and thieves and ensure the best in computer security.

1. Good Virus Software – Make sure to always install and run the best virus software on your computer. Always have the best anti virus software installed and running on your system.

2. Real Time Virus Protection – Make sure that real time protection is part of the virus software you use to avoid being infected by drive-by infections that can happen just by visiting a website.

3. The Best Security via a Web Browser – Internet Explorer web browser is full of security risks; Firefox is a much better choice.

If you are using Firefox make sure that you properly set up the security options:

1. Go to Tools and select Options

2. Select the Security Tab

3. Select the following options in the Security Window:

4. Firewall Protection – Firewalls block hackers and unauthorized access from other networks. Windows comes with a default firewall, or you can choose from various free ones for extra protection that can also be customized.

5. Computer Administrator Protection – Windows operating system allows you to create different users, such as guests versus using the computer in Administrator mode. This helps to avoid being logged in as administrator, which makes vital areas of your computer more protected. You can create a guest user and surf the net with that profile, which will make your system more secure.

6. Dangers of Unknown Email Attachments – Many get virus infections that are sent as attachments via email. Never open files that come from sources that you don’t know, or don’t trust. While Yahoo and other free email platforms do have virus scan protection it is not always accurate and can miss a virus attached to email disguised as something legitimate.

7. Be Cautious about Shareware – Shareware is a term that refers to free software or program that can be downloaded from a variety of websites. These can be risky because they can carry viruses and spyware. Be careful with these downloads and be sure the website that offers them is safe.

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