4 Water Purification Methods to Purify Tap Water

For a healthy life, it’s important to drink clean water. We need pure water for cooking food and drinking. Contaminated water can cause a lot of diseases like diarrhea and cholera. These health issues become a common problem during rainy or hot season. According to the reports released by WHO, over 3.4 million deaths occur annually because of the diseases caused by contaminated water. Therefore, consuming germ free water is quite important. Let’s check out 4 methods that can help purify water.

Boiling water

Another popular method of water purification is quite simple. Water is boiled on a stove for a few minutes to kill a lot of germs and bacteria. However, excessive boiling is harmful as it can eliminate a lot of essential nutrients as well. Also, boiling may not be effective as far as removing impure particles is concerned. From the economic point of view, boiling is expensive as it burns a lot of gas.

Filtered water

Filtration of dirty water is another important procedure. Typically, these filters only remove large particles or dirt and other impurities, but they can’t remove viruses or bacteria. The problem is that these elements can make people sick by causing stomach disorders.

In other words, filters can’t guarantee that the processed water is safe for drinking. The downside to this method is that filters tend to break down and lose their functionality with the passage of time. Therefore, they need to be replaced.

Garrafone water

Container, garrafone or bottled water is a good choice. However, the problem is that we can’t trust the purity of this type of water. The reason is that we can’t say for sure whether the bottles were mishandled or not. Aside from this, bottled water is not cheap to buy. Therefore, this option is not affordable for most people.

RO water

With RO systems, it’s possible to get rid of contaminants like lead, copper, nitrates and arsenic. Besides, Reverse Osmosis units are also good at removing germs and impurities. Therefore, the processed water becomes suitable for consumption.

The drawback of this system is the cost associated with it. In other words, these systems are expensive and require regular upkeep, such as changing filters. However, the good thing is that RO units offer a lot of benefits.

There is a difference of opinion regarding the benefits offered by RO systems. According to researchers, water treated with RO removes many healthy minerals as well. They include magnesium and calcium. Therefore, RO makers are doing their research to overcome the weakness of these units.

Some companies have made systems that can remove different types of chemicals but don’t remove essential minerals. Therefore, these systems can be a better alternative to RO systems. Water disinfectant machines are on the list of these systems. They are also available to purchase.

In short, If you are looking for a way to clean your tap water, you can use these systems. You can also use a water disinfectant machine to achieve the same purpose.

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