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3 Features of Good Greeting Cards

We live in a world where feelings matter more than anything else, so you better be careful not to brush the feelings of your brother in the other direction. From quick text messages to lengthy letters and now greeting cards, things are getting better and simpler, but not without some paradox.

Greeting cards have dominated the market for a good number of years now, but not everyone gets it right when it comes to the design of these cards. While such may seem a trend, greeting cards should not be too much of a tall order, nor should getting it wrong when it comes to the design look like the trend of the day. Here are a few things that will distinguish a fine card from a sleazy one in the long term.


Size matters a lot, and big is not necessarily good in all occasions. Greeting cards need to be moderately sizable; perhaps I should say pocket size. Cards that are too large may simply look like “dummies” or perhaps be a little scary when you present them to the recipient. To keep everything cool and simple, have small cards that can easily fit in a pocket, hide under a cup of tea or even a pillow to reveal themselves as a surprise.


Color defines the mood, so I do not expect a black greeting card at any rate. Too bright colors may not be the best option neither will dull ones serve the purpose – so get the point right. Using a good blend of bright and dark colors will surely get you where you want to go. You should carefully have a mix of these while stressing a little more on the brighter color to get that shinny image of a morning greeting.


Finally, the wording of the card will serve to your advantage or disadvantage and there we get to it again. No one wants to revise a whole handout in the name of a greeting card, so get your message straight and in brief.

While it is good to add in a little pomp and architecture to get everything dancing to the tune, overdoing one part may seem petty and overshadow the whole concept of a greeting card. You should state your message in brief and in an interesting manner, preferably using no more than five lines of print to get to your point.

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